Socceroos fans begin search for team they’ll support when Australia is eliminated

Australian soccer fans, who have nearly ended their 4 year long wait to be severely disappointed in the upcoming Soccer World Cup, have already begun to prepare for the event, taking to social media today to decide which new team they will support when the Socceroos are eventually eliminated from the group stage. Fans report they are eager to catch their Aussie soccer stars on TV, after stumbling home from the pub at 1 in the morning, for the couple of weeks that the group stage occurs. While Australian soccer fans often get labelled as “band-wagoners” around the time of the world cup, many fans often leave the bandwagon, to support a better, more European or South American, soccer team for the games that actually mean something. Local Socceroos fan, David Gourgonsoloas has described his process for picking his “adopted team” for the qualifying stages of the World Cup, saying, “Well usually I just pick Italy because that’s the old country where my Nonna and Poppa were born, however, with them being out of it, it’s a bit harder this year.” “I desperately hate Ronaldo so I can’t pick Portugal, and if I was ever seen supporting France I’d lose the respect of my family, so this year I’m just going to pick the new “cool” team. Lets go Nigeria!” However not all fans share Mr Gourgonsoloas’s view, with head of the Australian Soccer Football Supporters Group, Timothy Kleine stating that, “If we don’t get around our Aussies now, and back them all the way, how are they ever going to achieve their, and our, lofty goal of winning at least one of the halves, of one of the games, friendly or group stage, in this world cup? Goooooooooo Tim Cahill!” Mr Kleine was then forced to make an unexpected emergency exit after being asked to name any other player than Tim Cahill.

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