Touching Young Sheldon finale to end with mass school shooting

Facebook mums around the world have been devastated by the news that the next season of television show ‘Young Sheldon’ will be the last. 

However, fans across the world are waiting in anticipation for the final episode, after the creators revealed their plan for the finale in which Sheldon commits a mass school shooting.

The creators of the show explained that they wanted to end the series with an emotional story that the average American can relate to.

“We want to end the show with a bang,” said the showrunner, “and we thought what better way to do that than with a traditional American school shooting.”

“It’s a storyline we’ve been setting up from the start, we have always made sure the character gives you that vibe. The same classic Sheldon we all know and love.”

The writers said they are excited to see the episode, including a little easter egg where Sheldon looks to the camera and says ‘Bazinga’ after brutally murdering all his classmates.

Some online were critical of the proposed finale saying that the ‘school shooting episode’ trope has been done to death at this point by American high school shows. However fans were quick to defend it saying that you can’t jump the shark in a show that’s very existence is jumping the shark.

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