Studio 10 to end after this season, devastating their fan

Breakfast television show Studio 10 has been axed, with the show ending after this year. The news shocked many Australians who thought that the show ended years ago.

The announcement was especially devastating for the show’s devoted fan. We spoke to Greg Notastemen earlier today to see how he is handling the allegedly sad news.

“I can’t believe it is ending after ten years,” he said, “I mean it was Australia’s fourth favourite free-to-air breakfast show. Wait… yeah fourth. I don’t think SBS has one right?”

“Sure it had its ups and downs, mainly downs. Like the period where it reminded Australia that Kerri-Anne Kennerley and Joe Hildebrand exist. But I am sure there were ups too at some point.”

“I mean it was so unique, it will leave a hole that can’t be filled in my life. Where else can I watch a bunch of annoying privileged people pretend they care about the news in between sponsor segments that are glorified ads?”

Now many have shown support for those whose lives were affected by Studio 10 in hopes that the show ending will mean that balance can return to the world by finally having morning cartoons again.

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