‘Squid game will make my child violent’ complains parent who lets their child watch Squid Game

Concerned parents have expressed concern that their darling children might be tainted by watching the hit Netflix series Squid Game (rated MA15+) that they let them watch. The show that depicts gory children’s games run by the rich as a metaphor for income inequality, abuse and power imbalances in society, has been criticised for showing a surprising amount of gore and complex adult themes that may be inappropriate for younger viewers. “I could not believe what I was seeing,” said Karen a socialite from Sydney, “It was disturbing. I was sitting there with my angel watching the show I couldn’t help but think that this isn’t appropriate. What am I supposed to do, he is only 8!” “Someone needs to stop our kids being influenced by this, it’s videogames, rap music, punk music, rock music and jazz music all over again!” “Netflix needs to make the show kid friendly! My kid loves it, but I fear it will expose him to violence, people of colour and make him think income inequality is an issue that should be addressed. I mean worse than the violence, what if it leads to him wanting to play with a poor kid?”

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