Santa’s Sleigh seized in Christmas-themed episode of Border Security

A script leak has revealed Channel 7 will feature a one-hour special edition of Border Security in which Santa Claus is stopped and detained in a random check by the Department of Home affairs.

The episode allegedly details border agents directing Santa to land at Sydney international airport where several officers search the contents of his sleigh.

The trailer features Santa attempting to stay cheerful as an official explains that any food plant or animal products can’t cross into Australian borders without authorisation, and Santa attempting to produce documentation before stating that he “must have lost the receipt”.

Home Affairs Minister Claire O’Neill claimed that the incident shows that Labor is tough on borders.

“Even if he carries nothing but goodwill and presents in his magical sleigh, Santa is not welcome here without the appropriate paperwork. Everyone thinking of coming to Australia would do well to remember, even if you have as much love as Santa Claus, we’ll still make your first impression of Australia intimidating and uncomfortable.”

Mrs Claus has been contacted for comment.

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