Nurse coming off a double-shift devastated to hear a model had to wash her own hair

The world was hit with devastating news this week, after reality star turned model Vanessa Sierra lived through the tragic experience of washing her own hair while stuck in the hotel quarantine. The noble and brave sacrifice was reportedly made in order for her partner Bernard Tomic to be able to play in a world famous tournament of a sport he admits to not liking and only does for the millions of dollars he wins. In response to this a protest is being organised by a nurse who just found out about the crisis after missing the news due to her having to work a double shift. “Wow, we all have had to make sacrifices but obviously this has hit some people harder than others. I mean, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be in a position where you have to choose between cheering on your multi-millionaire boyfriend or having your hair professionally washed twice a week. I mean she is basically living like a peasant at this point. We have to do something about it.” Although not everyone has been as inspired by the tragic tale of a rich influencer going two weeks without having her hair professionally done, some in the media have even mocked the poor victim. An example was on breakfast tv earlier today. “Wow imagine being so rich and spoiled you get your hair professionally done twice a week.” said the millionaire host who gets their hair done 5 days a week for the show, “It was like I was telling my driver, stylist, and the hair and makeup ladies, this influencer is so disconnected from the rest of the world she needs to have everything done for her. I find it disgusting. Now we’ll just take a quick break so I can have my makeup touched up.”

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