Gold Logie winner Sonia Kruger stuns on red carpet

Considered to be the Australian cocaine industry’s ‘night of nights’, last night the Logies saw some of the nation’s biggest racists come together to celebrate the crowning of Sonia Kruger as Australia’s favourite tv racist.

Kruger was stunning audiences from the moment she arrived at the event, dressed in her favourite designer white hood. “This outfit really spoke to me,” she said,  “I wanted something that screams me and demands attention, but could also feel comfortable in just being me.”

Kruger faced a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the ceremony with peaks of excitement after winning the gold, and peaks of fury after her request to stop muslim celebrities from being able to enter the event was denied.

“As always this was a lot of stiff competition in the top racist category,” she said during her acceptance speech, “but it’s truly an honour to win this amongst my peers. Especially being able to do so on Channel 7, the home of racism.”

“And to be handed it by Daryl Somers, one of the legends of the racism industry, just made it all the more special. I am just so grateful to be able represent what Australian media is all about.”

“I can’t wait to get home and displace this trophy on my cross burnings.”

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