Byron Bay worried that influencers will hurt their reputation as anti-vax narcissists

Residents of Byron Bay have continued their protest against Netflix as the company pushes ahead with its new reality show in the area called Byron Baes.

The show is said to be done in Geordie Shore style and like most of those shows is casting people who do not currently live in the town but are familiar with it and willing to move there. This has lead to outrage from Byron Bay locals who are worried that the show will ‘hurt the town’s reputation’.

“Netflix will make our town look like an international punchline,” said ‘full time aspiring Instagram model’ James Dumbie who lives in the town which is already a national punchline.

The last time the town came together for protests of this magnitude was when a doctor suggested vaccinating a child.

“Experts claim the investment in the area will be good for business but experts also claim 5G towers don’t cause the coronavirus so they don’t know anything. I am worried the Instagram Influencers in the cast aren’t nearly obsessed with themselves enough to fit in here.”

“There aren’t any crystals that can heal the damage Netflix will cause,” claimed Crystal Healy, a local crystal meth dealer who is quite popular in the area, “and crystals can do just about anything. Forget global poverty and genocide. This television production is the worst thing to ever happen ever.”


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