Barbie slammed for setting unrealistic standard of young girls being able to afford a house when they grow up

The Barbie movie has come under fire for what many have described as ‘setting unrealistic standards for young girls’ by suggesting that they will actually be able to afford a house at some point in their lives.

“Barbie is meant to inspire big dreams and aspirations,” said Caroline a local concerned mother, “but those dreams should be something more achievable like a doctor or the president, home ownership is just too far for the average young girl these days.”

“Not to mention how extravagant the dream house is, a one bedroom house with no running water? Is my daughter meant to grow up to be a multimillionaire or something?”

“Maybe the dream house should be a run down group house where all the Barbies can live together, splitting the rent. Or if you want to get magical with the dreams, maybe even one that has no mould and a landlord who actually fixes things when they break. Yeah… now that’s the dream.”


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