The Chaser’s Guide to not being ‘Woke’

Are you too woke? Concerned that you may accidentally be woke because of something you said? You need to keep up to date to make sure you don’t become part of the increasingly massive woke brigade!

With everyone from Anthony Albanese to Peter Dutton declaring themselves to be “anti-woke”, it’s clearly the hip thing to be.

However, many readers have expressed concern that it’s hard to keep up with what is woke nowadays. So here is a simple list of 85 things to avoid in order to stop ‘woke cancel culture’ for good:

So if you want to ‘embrace common sense’ by being ‘anti-woke cancel culture’ as the media suggests, just avoid all those things and enjoy whatever is left (although you should probably search to find out if what you are doing is woke, but also remember that search engines are woke so you can’t use those to find out).


John Delmenico

Editor of The Chaser

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