Life Hack: How to not photoshop a midriff onto a female politician in one easy step

Giving an image of a female politician a midriff and re-shading her breasts in a way that makes them look bigger in photoshop is something that would normally be considered a pretty obvious thing not to do, however some at Channel 9 have become confused about how not to do it after they ‘accidentally’ did it to an image of Victorian MP Georgie Purcell.

So we asked an expert panel of our editor and unpaid interns who photoshop images of politicians every day about how someone could possibly change the size of a politician using the most basic tool in photoshop, without the application gaining sentience and deciding on its own to automatically change the appearance of the female politician and her clothes.

Here is a step by step guide on how to not add a midriff onto an image of a female politician in a dress:

STEP 1: Don’t add a midriff

While this step might be confusing to those who claim that when changing the size of a person in photoshop, see the transform tool is actually a different tool than any of the AI tools or any of the tools you would use to add a midriff yourself. So, all you need to do is just use the most basic tool in the entire of photoshop and don’t do anything else, and you will successfully not make a super creepy mistake.

Repeat this process for not making her breasts look bigger too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

“But what if the image we have is cropped and doesn’t show her whole body?” – Well luckily for you, politicians famously love to do these things called ‘Photo-ops’ meaning there is likely to be millions of other photos you can use that fits what you need without needing to artificially make one like a creep. It just takes about the length of typing the person’s name into Google. Which we understand might be a lot for a media outlet these days.

“But what if we accidentally tell the ai to generate and the generated image does sexualise the politician?” – Hello there Channel 9 editors, if you somehow actively tell the program to use AI instead of just using a real photo, what you do next is not publish the new sexualised image. For more information on the matter, look up ‘basic editorial standards’.

And to save time, all the other questions that were sent to us can simply be answered with ‘What would you do, if the politician was a man?’

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