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Applicant inspired by rejection letter
[Edition 89] The failure of jobseeker Joseph Adams to gain employment was tempered earlier this week, as the HR department
Political cartoon fails to make sense on closer scrutiny
[Edition 89] According to Moir, it was the idea of Latham’s belly being a hill that probably confused things. “It
Downer sends negotiators to Baghdad to not negotiate with terrorists
[Edition 89] Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has responded to the possible seizure of Australian hostages by Islamic terrorists by sending
Methadone clinic a bitter disappointment
[Edition 89] A visit to the Wollongong methadone clinic in Denison St has left second year Arts student and amateur
Aussie cyclists silence critics with suspiciously strong Games performance
[Edition 89] “This amazing performance will silence all of those who’ve questioned whether we took illegal substances,” said one cyclist.
Al Qaeda planning token, feel-good attack on Paralympics
[Edition 89] “We normally leave attacks on people in wheelchairs to the Israelis, but it is for a good cause,”
Michael Moore moves on to planning ban of his next movie
[Edition 87] Michael Moore says that he has put the media storm surrounding Fahrenheit 9/11 behind him, and is already
IOC finds Al Qaeda more prepared for Olympics than Athens
[Edition 87] An investigation by the International Olympic Committee has discovered that the Athens organisers are lagging well behind the
Athens “ready to host 2008 Olympics”
[Edition 86] “Our preparations are right on track,” said Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki, the head of the Athens Organising Committee. “We always
Miss World devastated by breakdown of world peace on her watch
[Edition 85] A heartbroken Miss World, Rosanna Lee Davison has apologised to her supporters and the judges who elected her