Hamas fighter says he is exactly like Ukrainian freedom fighters (except for the killing innocent civilians part)

Fighters from Hamas have expressed confusion as to why people around the world are not cheering on their inhumane actions against innocent Israeli civilians like they do when Ukrainian soldiers only fight against Russia’s soldiers.

“Why are people mad at us?” asked a representative for the terrorist organisation, “When we saw people online comparing Palestine’s situation and Ukraine’s for some reason they keep talking about the civilians and everyone not committing war crimes? Why exclude us? It’s not our fault that Ukraine isn’t attacking Russian civilians.”

“They say they are happy for the civilians who are no longer trapped in an open-air prison, but for some reason they think we shouldn’t have focused on doing inhumane acts against random civilians. What so when people say they want there to be ‘no more war crimes’ in the area, that also includes us?”

“We just wanted to take the ‘eye-for-an-eye’ approach to the Israeli government because it is famously a fool-proof way garner peace. I mean what is the worst that could happen? Besides what happened to the people we killed and to the people who have already been killed in response to our killing of them.”

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