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TikTok users excited to hear Americans will be banned from the app

TikTok users in America were excited to here that the American Congress has actually managed to do something today, before being devastated to hear that what they are doing is moving to ban TikTok.

While the news has been met with fury from American creators on the app, users around the world have come out in strong support of the controversial ban in hopes of finally having a social media platform that is free from American users.

“I would hate to see TikTok be banned,” said John 26, “unless that ban happens in America. I mean I use the app everyday and now I’m imagining how peaceful it would be if we got rid of all the Americans?”

“All the jokes they don’t get, all the times they start arguments because they don’t get that you aren’t talking about America, the annoying culture wars, having to hear about Trump… all gone in the blink of an eye.”

“The timing with the American election is obviously concerning. Democrats were talking about how they were going to use the app to help secure the youth vote, so I hope that they act as swiftly as possible so we can save ourselves from how annoying the political content will be. No one needs to see Joe Biden try to figure out how to do a TikTok live stream.”

“At the very least they should try and save us from all the terrible Trump impressions that will flood the app again.”

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