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VOX Pop: where do you think Kate Middleton is?

A lot of people have questions about where Princess Kate Middleton is. Here is what some people had to say about her whereabouts:

“I hear she’s competing in the Masked Singer.” – Lauren 33, group chat enthusiast

“Hopefully picking up a strap on.” – William 41, nepo baby

“Not in a Paris tunnel, that’s for sure. No need to check there.” – Charles 75, King of England

“She’s in Hawaii smoking a joint with Tupac.” – Margaret 83, retired nurse

“The princess is in another castle.” – Toad 43, plumber’s assistant

“She was KIDNAPPED by Meghan MARKLE!” –  Stacy 24, aspiring Daily Mail writer

“Why is everyone freaking out? This is just the regular rest period after a routine shedding of lizard person skin.” – Mike 30, a professional Joe Rogan listener

“Doing nangs in the Broadway Maccas toilet.”- Jackie 17, frustrated McDonalds worker

“She’s currently just serving in the Time Wars against Mecha-Caesar.” – (Redacted), CIA

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