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Local boss humbly offers woman who was forced to make Women’s Day cupcakes 81% of a cupcake

A local male boss has made a heroic gesture by humbly offering an International Women’s Day cupcake to the woman he made cook all the cupcakes in the first place.

The boss (who ate 20 of the cupcakes himself) said that by cooking all the cupcakes, his female employee had really earned herself a treat of 81% of a cupcake.

“Gosh what a guy,” said Katy while being forced to clean up after the morning tea she was made to organise despite it not being part of her job description, “he clearly really cares about the plight of women.”

“I mean sure he may be pocketing all the cash and promoted Michael despite basically every woman in this building filing complaints against him. But my boss worked did put extra effort into pretending to listen to the guest speaker we had while she talked about societal issues and women’s safety. This year he even kept his phone on silent while he played games on it.”

“Plus we can’t forget the social media statement that he signed which was just beautiful. I mean sure it was ghost written by Katherine, but he remembered to take the credit for writing it. He is an inspiration to us all.”

The boss reportedly gave a heartfelt speech during the breakfast about how amazing he is for employing women, “I think it’s important to give women opportunities. From the ladies here in the office who made the cupcakes, to the sweatshop workers overseas who make the stuff we sell, I allow you to have jobs and that is very brave of me. That’s why I am proud to accept the first ever ‘Women’s Day Ally Award’, as voted by me.”

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