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The Chaser Report – Episode 5 – Party Time! (With 10 or Fewer People)
Who should you invite to your first dinner party as the lockdown restrictions ease? Dom takes a probing look at the man behind the anti-lockdown protests in Melbourne. Plus, Charles examines the delicate art of winning an argument with your partner while in lockdown. All that, plus the latest Chaser headlines from Rebecca De Unanumo in the Chaser International Global World newsroom
“Refugees are going to take my job,” claims unemployed man
Local man Gareth Jones has voiced his outrage in his local pub that “Refugees are going to take my job.
Linguistics Professor googles the definition of irony
A top linguistics professor at Harvard University, David Campbell, did a web search for the “definition of irony” this morning, and
Census reveals Dutton answered ‘amphibian’ to question on gender
Hackers last night released Peter Dutton’s Census answers, which revealed that he answered “Cold-Blooded Amphibian” to a question regarding his gender.
Flatmates of ‘hilarious’ stoner student hope he moves out before he spirals into depression
A philosophy student at Melbourne University has decided to complete his Honour's year while stoned
Earring ruins Doctor’s credibility
"I'd be worried about his ability to make sound judgements with a look so clearly inspired by 90s boybands."
Science students name Seinfeld as fashion icon of the century
For years it has been debated amongst physicists, chemists and rock mechanics. Just who is the style icon who has
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