Sydney avoids eye-contact with Victoria and Canberra as it heads out of lockdown

As Sydney celebrates ‘freedom day’ for heading out of lockdown, reports have shown that some Sydneysiders have had their moods brought down a little by seeing social media posts from residents of Victoria and the ACT who are still in lockdown. “We did it!” cheered Grace from Sydney. “We caused this, I mean, I can’t believe this lockdown stuff is over. I can’t wait to go out, catch up with my friends, go the the bar, like I don’t even know what I want to do first. I am just so glad to not have to deal with Lockdown anymore, that would be awful. Woohoo!” “Yeah you did do this Sydney,” said Melbourne resident Mark who claims to be thrilled for Sydneysiders, “you definitely caused this. All those vaccines you hoarded really did their thing. I am so happy for you guys… Woohoo… I would cheers you to celebrate but I can’t go to the bar right now. And no, I don’t want you to send a delivery driver down to give me some.” “Oh you guys get to go outside at 70%?” asked John from Canberra. “I wonder what that’s like? I am so… just… thrilled that you get to go outside and move around and just… yeah. Wow you really did it. Oh and I would love to visit to celebrate with you, but turns out someone’s government didn’t talk to ours so we aren’t allowed to leave yet. Woohoo, freedom day!” In response to this, the city of Sydney has put out an official statement telling everyone that ‘we are all in this together’, while trying to avoid eye contact with the other cities.

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