Scott Morrison claims religious exemption from caring about Robodebt victims

Scott Morrison has slammed his critics of being completely insensitive to his religious beliefs when asking him to take responsibility for his integral role in Robodebt, producing a written note from Hillsong Church that confirms he doesn’t have to care about anyone if he doesn’t want to.

“Australia is a free country and the most important freedom we have is freedom of belief, whatever that belief may be, in this instance I believe that I don’t have to have any empathy or regret in my role in this illegal scheme which claimed 2000 vulnerable lives and affected millions of others.”

“To say that I should show compassion and remorse for enabling the government to swindle poor people, often to death and then lie about it for close to 10 years goes against my belief system.”

“This is just another example of how the other highly paid public servants and I, are being victimised by the Labor government, can you imagine if your own government started telling you you’d done the wrong thing with absolutely no basis for it?”

“My friend Brian is all about love, reaching out and putting his love in people, whether they know they need it or not and I think we can all learn some valuable lessons from him. This country needs more love and less judgment, but that’s not my job. ”

“The freedom to believe is so important and I believe I”ve done nothing wrong.”


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