Peter Dutton demands more detail on ‘People who earn less than $180k’

Opposition Leader and man of the people Peter Dutton has demanded the Labor government prove these so called ‘90% of Australians earning less than 180k’ actually exist.

“I’ve not been made aware of these people and no one I regularly speak to is on less than 180k,” he said from QANTAS chairman’s lounge, “these changes will hurt everyone I know. This is just another example of Labor breaking their promises to working class CEO’s, investment banker and mining executives who are feeling the pressure.”

“Especially Landlords, there’s a rental crisis going on and some of them might actually have to dip into their profits just to keep a roof over their tenants heads if they only get an extra $4.5k a year instead of $9K.”

“Australia, this is why you need the Liberal Party in charge. While Labor might backflip on drastically increasing wealth inequality in this country by giving the average Australian an extra grand in tax cuts at the cost of giving the rich an extra $4.5 grand after years of focus grouping, we promise to you all now that we will take that tax cut away and redistribute the money back into the pockets of millionaires in need to help fund their next yacht party.”

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