Gladys Berejiklian to return to NSW politics after being found ‘seriously corrupt’

Former NSW premier Gladys “Berejiklian is considering a triumphant return to NSW politics after ICAC found she had engaged in serious corrupt conduct.

“It’s a real wake up call that politics is where I belong,” she stated at her recent book launch. 

“From misusing government funds, failing to disclose personal conflicts, to single-handedly destroying the Sydney live music scene, I feel there’s a lot more I can offer to voters on North Shore.”

“I have the chance now to follow in the footsteps of so many conservative politicians who enjoyed long careers after being publicly condemned as corrupt.”

The former Premier is said to be weighing her options after being offered a lucrative partnership with PWC and a 900K Defence job alongside Catherine Campbell. 

“There are a few pathways I can take but given that I was found to be blatantly biased in favour of my mates which led to the misuse of millions of dollars of taxpayer money, I think NSW state politics is where I belong” 

Berejiklian’s new book I Cannot Recall is set to be published next week with advance copies being entered into ICAC as evidence. 

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