Highway police finally targeting international tax fraud

After fifty years of targeting speeding, one year of targeting drink driving and one week of targeting seat belts, Western Sydney Highway Patrol have decided to finally start targeting International tax fraud. Constable Sarah Jackson stated that the bold move was a team decision, “It’s safe to say a lot of us were feeling ‘The Bern’ this year and thought it was about time we tackled those multi-nationals where it hurts.It’s actually an issue quite close to my heart, technically those taxes could be affording me greater raises. It’s a human rights issue.” Jackson has addressed the critics, explaining, “Yes of course we will still have to book the speeders but we’re mainly doing a lot of investigating into the multinationals. We’ve also decided to stop unfairly targeting Holden Commodore V8’s and Nissan Skylines, instead focusing on BMW’s and Audi’s.” “We’ve seen a huge increase in booking middle aged white men. It’s a numbers game you see, it’s pretty likely one of them at least is working for a large multi-national.”

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