Guy who doesn’t question why ‘completed’ flat pack has a bunch of ‘extra’ parts, recently hired as Boeing engineer

Local self-declared handyman James Davidson has been offered a job as a Boeing engineer after his amazing work attempting to put a flat-pack cupboard together and just assuming that the many left over parts are just the extra pieces they add sometimes.

“I am so excited for this opportunity,” he said while posting a picture of the cupboard that is clearly about to collapse, “I’ve never done anything like it before but they reckon if anything I am over qualified for making a jumbo jet as cheaply as possible.”

“I did my first one today and the builders were like ‘why is there so many extra parts?’ but I told them about how planes tend to come with a few hundred extra screws, hinges and panels. So we’ll just keep them for the next one.”

In response to the new quality standards of planes, airlines around the globe have begun surprising passengers with extra weight fees, “it’s not just about profit, it’s also about safety. When we buy the cheapest jet available to increase profit margins, customers need to understand that it means they can’t bring a full suitcase of luggage and should probably leave some stuff at home for safety.”

“Same goes with whether you really need the extra weight of wearing both shoes onto the plane. That’s why we will start charging a ‘second shoe’ fee too.”

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