Facebook reports mass deletion of ‘Bad Taste Staff Party 2008’ photo albums

Facebook has confirmed an unprecedented amount of space has been freed up on its servers over the past two weeks. The social media giant said most of it was previously occupied by fancy-dress photo albums from 2006-2010. Most of the deleted posts were made by privately-educated men interested in ‘Rowing’ and ‘Banter’. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said “We have never seen anything like this. They’re disappearing at an exponential rate. Albums with names like ‘Bad taste staff party 2008’, ‘O-Week 2006’, ‘Carly’s Fucked Up Hens Melbourne’ and ‘Famous Sportspeople Halloween Justin’s House Random lol 2009’ just aren’t there anymore. “In keeping with our approach to content we cannot make a judgement on whether the photos therein are ‘bad’. We can only say they are no longer there.” Facebook also reported a surge in visits to the Privacy Settings section of users’ profiles, and a cascade-effect culling of friends senior to them at their current workplace. Project Manager Brad Nolan said “What fancy-dress bucks do on the Goldie back in 2010? I don’t remember any fancy-dress bucks do on the Goldie back in 2010. Got any proof? You can’t even tell it was me under the mask.”

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