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Entitled dodgy renter freeloads for entire year

REPORT: Residents in Sydney have been left terrified after learning that one of their neighbours has been a filthy freeloader for an entire year.

Locals told A Chaser Affair that Bruce (28) has been living in a lavish three bedroom apartment that costs $2,500 a week, all while claiming he has no money coming in, meaning the bludger must be mooching off someone.

“What a grub,” said his neighbour, “I mean this is a rich part of Sydney, so we see a lot of creepy men who want to go into politics and media. But being a renter is unforgivable. Especially one who is just freeloading, who is paying for this?”

“The only alleged criminals claiming to have no money that we want around here are all the alleged white collar criminals avoiding tax.”

“Oh and Jeremy the cocaine dealer.”

In response to questions about the apartment, Bruce responded by saying in a statement that reads, “I don’t recall. And if you don’t leave me alone I will sue and admit everything on the stand.”

A Chaser Affair can exclusively reveal that Bruce has had an accomplice in his entitled freeloading. That accomplice being rival network Channel 7, who have been secretly funnelling funds to this dodgy renter. Channel 7 are known protectors of dodgy scumbags including their previous funding of Ben Roberts-Smith’s defamation suit loss and Sonia Kruger’s existence.

Our reporters have approached Channel 7 spokesperson and alleged mastermind, referred to only as ‘The Cash Cow’. We have yet to hear back from them, begging the question, what else are they hiding?

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