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Child molesters sue The Chaser after being compared to Mark Zuckerberg

Several high-profile paedophiles served letters of demand on this website this afternoon after the site  published an article with the headline: Social media should not fact check posts”, says child molester Mark Zuckerberg.

The child molesters across the globe said they had been defamed by the association with the Facebook founder.

The lawsuit pointed out that the paedophile community especially despises Zuckerberg just like everyone else, even though he does look like a 14-year-old boy.

“Yes, okay, we are also sociopathic monsters,” one of the plaintiffs said said. “But at least we’re not responsible for Facebook.”

Zuckerberg himself did not respond to the article, in keeping with his long term policy of not objecting to anything besides attempts to regulate Facebook. But a spokesperson for the social media giant said it had decided not to take the viral article down from The Chaser’s Facebook page because it was making money out of every single view.

If the paedophile community succeeds in its class action against the Chaser website, it plans to take on a much bigger target, mounting a lawsuit against the Catholic Church for unfair competition.


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