Andrew Bolt clarifies “I meant Australia’s India ban is racist in a good way”

Herald Sun contributor and constantly broken compass, Andrew Bolt has issued an apology to Herald Sun readers and Sky News viewers today, after an article he released this morning left many confused as it was actually based in reality for the first time in his career in journalism. Mr Bolt has since clarified the article when he referred to the policy as ‘racist’ was a glowing endorsement, and that he had ‘meant that in a good way’. “I am sincerely sorry for the way I spoke and potential harm it may have caused,” Bolt said in the first sincere apology of his life. “I understand that calling someone racist is the worst thing someone could possibly do. Words carry weight and I understand that.” “When I wrote about the policy being racist and bad for the country, I wrote that as someone proud to see the government finally listening. That is the sort of policy we want to be seeing more of and my article suggested otherwise. I would never go along with the woke leftist agenda, I know the only real racism is when white people are called racist.” “I promise to do better. I understand refocus my work onto what I do best, blaming everything on black people, asian people and Dan Andrews. The evil trifecta destroying everything good with their cancel culture outrage calling everyone racist, I hate them!”

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