‘I wish there had been more people who weren’t on the show’ says Friends reunion viewer

Friends fans are devastated about the amount of focus the cast received in the special reunion show, which took away from the experience of watching other celebrities pop up for no apparent reason. As fans tuned in to see James Corden bring the same energy that made Cats talking a thing, they became increasingly frustrated at the segments that let the cast of the show that they’d just tuned into to see, talk. “We get it you were on the show blah blah blah,” said a fan in their 40s who was the target audience at the time of its release after over 15 years of waiting, “can we please just get back to the Korean boy band who I’ve never heard of and Justin Bieber. Do the cast not realise this isn’t their moment? This is for the fans and the fans want more Beckham.” “We get it you losers are a family,” said a fan in their early 20s who grew up with the show, “grow up already weirdos. I am here for Lady Gaga and David Beckham. At first I was disappointed when I found out Cole Sprouse from Riverdale and Paul Rudd from Antman were cut, out of fear it might distract from the focus of the show and make it feel bloated, but then I remembered they played Ben and Mike. Thank God, why would I want to hear from the kid who played Ross’ son or Pheobe’s husband? Talk about boring, I am glad I got Cara Delavigne doing a catwalk instead.”

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