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Director finally fulfils true vision with Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo Redux

[Edition 48] LOS ANGELES, Wednesday: A new director’s cut of the Rob Schneider movie Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo has been released, finally achieving the director’s original vision for the film.

Deuce Bigalow: The Director’s Cut

[Edition 48] LOS ANGELES, Wednesday: A new director’s cut of the Rob Schneider movie Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo was released today. The director Mike Mitchell says that the new version, which runs for 242 minutes, captures elements of his vision that were unfortunately sacrificed in the original 84-minute theatrical release.

The “re-imagining”, as Mitchell puts it, completely reinterprets Bigalow’s story, shifting the focus back on to the tragic elements of the movie which were inexplicably sacrificed by studio chiefs, who were only interested in playing for laughs.

“There are comedic elements to his story, sure, but Deuce’s humanity was left entirely on the editing floor,” Mitchell argues. “The Bigalow story is about much more than just shagging women who are obese or have narcolepsy,” he said. “It’s even about more than shagging women with hilarious detachable limbs.”

Mitchell’s work follows in the long tradition of Hollywood directors keen to release “improved”, and inevitably longer, versions of their movies.

“I think of this as my Apocalypse Now Redux,” he said. The deleted scenes which are included in the new version include what Mitchell refers to as Deuce’s “epiphany scene”, in which Bigalow falls to his knees and cries “Why? Why? Why?” after realising that despite his large number of sexual conquests, he has yet to find true love.

He also added a 25-minute long internal monologue set in a laundromat where Deuce ponders whether he, like the clothes in the washing machine, will ever be clean again. “I think of it very much as his Hamlet soliloquy,” Mitchell explained. “Except in this case, of course, the question is whether to be or not to be a male gigolo.”

Mitchell believes that his director’s cut will finally see Deuce Bigalow taking his rightful place in the pantheon of cinema’s greatest heroes, alongside Citizen Kane and Laurence of Arabia. “Deuce deserves nothing less,” Mitchell says. “I feel that now, with my masterpiece restored to its full glory, there can be no doubt that Deuce is world cinema’s greatest ever male gigolo.”

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