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Dustin Hoffman reveals: I got vaccinated so I could properly portray the Rain Man
In new revelations, the Oscar winning actor reveals a commitment to his craft that has stunned Hollywood
Chaser Video: Cloning George Pell
From the Chaser’s War on Everything, Series
Tourism Australia launch new bushfire-themed ad campaign
As many parts of Australia suffer through an unprecedented bushfire crisis and Sydney and its surrounds are shrouded in smoke
Five ways to monetise your child
There are many reasons to have a child: love, continuing family legacy, a walking, talking kidney replacement. But while most
Albanese unveils Labor’s new economic plan of not pissing off Boomers
Federal Opposition leader Anthony Albanese has today launched the Labor Party’s vision for Australia’s economic future, which will revolve primarily
Nation’s prettiest horses begin wedding planning following Bernardi retirement
Horses, cows, dogs and other attractive animals have breathed a collective sigh of relief following news South Australian senator Cory
Chaser Video: being that dickhead with the broadsheet on public transport
From the Chaser’s War on
The Chaser’s Guide to the Australian Legal System
All the bits you missed from The Castle
Jones and Credlin forced to re-explain climate change to 11,000 scientists using another bag of rice
Sky News presenters and avid amateur science communicators Peta Credlin and Alan Jones have today performed another bulletproof  TV science
Bashar al-Assad in his own words – by Sean Penn
Is Bashar al-Assad the tyrant Western nations would have you believe? Or is the Syrian dictator just … human? In
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