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Chaser Video: Novel daycare options
From the Chaser's War on Everything, Season 1.
The Chaser’s Guide to American Culture
Everything you need to know about the greatest cultural wasteland in the world.
The evidence evolutionists don’t want you to know
Creation is one of two possible origin explanations. Both life and everything we see was either created or it evolved by some sort of crazy random process. PASTOR BEN DOVER takes an objective look at all the evidence that proves creationism is correct
Chaser Video: Rooms for rent at Buckingham Palace
From The Chaser's War On Everything, series
Fears for Antony Green’s safety after ABC forced to rethaw him from cryofreeze twice in two months
A team of biomedical engineers are providing around the clock care to ABC election analyst Antony Green, after colleagues noticed an adverse
How The Australian Media Are Covering The Big Issues
From our Official 2019 Election Guide.
The Tragedy of Aleppo: Over-parenting
Ben Keating visits Aleppo, Syria, and finds a hidden tragedy afflicting this war-torn nation: the terrible scourge of over-parenting
Huggies move operations base to Engadine McDonalds
"With the massive  spike in pants-shitting being reported there recently, we just couldn't look past Engadine Maccas as the new base of operations for the Huggies family of products."
Chaser Video: Clive The Slightly Too Loud Commuter
In: Clive calls his doctor about his bendy penis
The Chaser’s Guide to Australian Drinking Culture
Government guidelines suggest that drinking more than four standard drinks, on a single occasion, which can lead to alcohol-related injuries and public urination, is fuckin’ ripper.
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