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The Chaser’s Guide to Politics in Australia
Including elderly foreign leader Rupert Murdoch
Labor commits to everyday blue-collar corruption if elected
"When it comes to corruption we like to keep it simple."
The Chaser’s Guide to Modern Journalism
Or, a guide to living rough in the years before your decision to move into
The Chaser’s Anti-Experts: Five celebrities who were vaccinated and later died
The poisonous ingredients found in vaccinations don't discriminate. Here are five well-known personalities who were vaccinated and are now dead.
Things to see in America: White Tribalism
There is a way to experience first-hand all the unpleasantness in Trump's America, while maintaining a moral distance to avoid being implicated in it.
The Chaser’s Guide to American Democracy
Here is our guide to how the American electoral system doesn't work
The Chaser’s Roadtest: Offshoring
We look at how a business like The Chaser could benefit from the "disruption" of task-based services such as Airtasker, Fiverr and Task Rabbit, which allows you to off-shore creative tasks, such as writing satire.
Chaser Video: Tabloid Wars
In which Chas and Andrew put to rest that age-old question, 'Could there ever be anything more humiliating than being ridiculed on A Current Affair?'
MY DAY: with celebrity chef & paleo diet guru, Pete Evans
With his Paleo diet empire going from strength to strength, we caught up with the ridiculously handsome Pete Evans and asked him to take us through his normal day as a modern-day caveman
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