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Scott Morrison invites John Howard on impromptu quail hunting trip
"No need for vests, John."
VACANCY: Islamic State social media manager
Seeking a passionate self starter eager to work with one the world's most iconic brands
Chaser Video: How many of Labor’s 100 Positive Policies can Bill Shorten remember?
Answer: not that many
Chaser Video: the Golden Rule for getting into a nightclub
Just how far can you push your outfit when getting into a nightclub with two beautiful girls on your arm
Democracy Sausage: vote for your favourite election day sanga
The greatest democratic tradition of them all
Scomo pleads for candidates to wait until they’re elected before being complete fuck ups
"It's a parliamentary privilege."
Shorten and Scomo to go at each other with rusty shivs in bid to divert attention from tonight’s GoT episode
The Battle of the Boring Bastards.
Sydney University opens Cate Blanchett campus – specialising in everything
“My time at NIDA provided me with the backgroundto be able to comment on a fucking shit-tonne of stuff, from nuclear physics to the science of climate change,”said Honorary Professor Blanchett
Chaser Video: Novel daycare options
From the Chaser's War on Everything, Season 1.
The Chaser’s Guide to American Culture
Everything you need to know about the greatest cultural wasteland in the world.
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