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The Chaser’s Guide to Parenting a Gifted Child
Is your child extraordinarily gifted? Join the club, writes Mamamia’s Advice Editor, Jane Frothington-Waites. Here are tips to help you avoid the trap of soft expectations that so many parents fall into
@realDonaldTrump’s Guide to Crafting the Perfect Tweet
When making a country great again, you will always come across loony critics who want to stand in your way. While some advisors suggest you focus on more pressing issues, like national security or Muslim-baiting, you should always take the time to shut down any adversaries
(You’ll never) Let it go: Parents brace for Frozen sequel
"It took the kids five fucking years to stop singing the last song. Elsa's got a lot to answer for."
The Chaser’s Guide to Modern Journalism
Or, a guide to living rough in the years before your decision to move into
Chaser Video: Rupert Murdoch Standby Obit
Originally prepared in March, 1983. Currently on revision #
Big Bash Cricket: where the overs are limited but the seasons are ENDLESS
"Isn't there a six and out option?"
Sydney’s housing prices now marginally less fucked
Now you can not afford to buy a house by less than ever before!
The Chaser’s Guide to the life cycle of a Rust Belt Male
After years of study, scientists are finally coming to grips with this fascinating creature.
Australia Day 2019: racist uncle gearing up for busiest week of the year
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The Chaser’s Guide to Sport in America
Before morbid obesity confines them to a scooter, many Americans play sport. Here's a few of their favourites.
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