Trump ‘accidentally’ lists Ivanka on conjugal visit form

Former innocent man Donald Trump has hurriedly clarified that listing his daughter as his preferred intimate partner was ‘a total accident’.

‘I love my daughter, I love her so much and if I were a different man then maybe. No one asked for me to make these forms since I am not in prison, but I always say to be prepared and it’s true, you should be prepared to take what you want.”

“These forms aren’t meant to be public so it was a mistake, not my mistake but someone’s mistake, that someone should be held accountable, whoever he is, or she, women can make mistakes too. Especially crooked Hilary.”

“This is all fake and a rigged effort to damage my perfectly supple daughter- I mean name, damage my name. I have the best name. These nasty nasty people are trying to damage my name and my daughters name, when have you ever heard of me falsifying a document?”

Melania Trump has declined to comment from her temporary residence at Pete Davidson’s house.

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