Starting global wars will result in one-hour suspension under Twitter’s tough new terms of service

Twitter has responded to a threatening tweet posted by Donald Trump to the President of Iran by updating its terms of service. On Monday, Trump tweeted: The social media company immediately responded to concerns that the tweet breached its terms of service. “It’s come to our attention that a small percentage of users have been acting aggressively and posting offensive or dangerous content,” said a spokesperson for the company. “To them we say thank you! That’s what makes Twitter Twitter!” But the company said it would update its terms of service to reduce the change it would be directly blamed when World War Three inevitably breaks out. “From now on, making inflammatory threats towards a foreign adversary is a breach of content guidelines and will result in harsh penalties, namely a one hour suspension of your posting privileges,” said the spokesperson. “Furthermore, making fun of people with disabilities, minorities and women is only acceptable if your have a blue tick next to your name.” The spokesperson added that lying, mocking and reposting racist content from Nazis is still an integral part of the twitter experience and won’t be affected. Hear the full update to Twitter’s Terms of Service here:

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