PM Anthony Albanese changes stance on carpet bombing Gaza after getting punched in the face by 90s Albo

Notorious tory puncher strikes again!

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has been seen terrified while signing a document to give his support for a non-binding declaration of potentially wanting a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in the future, while sporting a fresh black eye following a run-in with the Anthony Albanese of the 1990s.

Reports suggest that 90s Albo travelled forward in time by accident and immediately homed in on the most powerful tory in the country, Anthony Albanese, and punched him in the face after hearing about all the warmongering in support of genocide he has done over the past 2 months.

90s Albo was later shocked to discover that the cowardly ‘rich fuck’ that he punched was in fact himself for the future, leading him to ask if he developed a rare disease that led him lose connection to his spine and morals.

The Prime Minister is predicted to respond to the attack in a few months time after multiple deals with weapons manufacturers, power brokers and focus groups.

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