Penny Wong calls for ‘Humanitarian Pause’ on people demanding she call for a ceasefire

International Affairs Minister Penny Wong has put out a strong statement calling for a ‘Humanitarian Pause’ on people demanding that Australia call for a ceasefire on the conflict in Israel and Palestine.

This comes after over a month of being ‘bombarded’ with Tweets, emails and phone calls demanding that Australia stop supporting what many humanitarian groups have described as a ‘genocide’ in Palestine. The minister has urged Australians to keep the ‘real victims’ in all this, Labor’s polling numbers, in their prayers.

“The pain my staffers have endured has gone on far too long,” said an emotional Wong, “enough is enough. We need a temporary humanitarian pause on the complaints, so that aid can be brought to those staffers who need it most. Many of whom haven’t been able to get a cup of coffee or bump of cocaine in hours.”

“Roughly every ten minutes, someone in my office gets an email about some kid dying in Palestine. The strength shown by my staffers as they endure, to fight on and send that copy/pasted email reply before deleting the thread. It’s inspirational.”

“No one else can understand how hard it is to see one’s own values die in their arms, while we make sure to keep selling missiles to the Israeli army. But we can hold our heads up high knowing that we encourage the IDF to only use those missiles against schools, hospitals and refugee camps that they are pretty sure might pose a potential risk in the future.”

“And if the IDF do accidentally kill thousands more Palestinians, be sure to know that Australia will stand up for humanity, by condemning in no uncertain terms, anyone calling for a ceasefire.”

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