Local retiree wants to be US President when he grows up 

Aww, local retiree James ‘Jimmy’ Boomerton has told reporters he hopes to be president of the United States of America one day when he grows up.

When asked why he wanted to be President, he said that he was inspired by the recent presidential debate where he saw people like him on their trying to finish sentences.

“I know I am too little for it now,” said Jimmy on his way to bingo, “but one day when I am old enough, I want to lead the greatest country on earth.”

“It’s such a cool job. You get to tell people what to do, make decisions and even get the nuclear codes! Plus, I assume the job comes with nap time and dinner before 6pm.”

Adorably, little Jimmy has already begun practicing for the job by dressing up in suits and mumbling incoherent thoughts about how he is the bestest person ever.

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