Israel accused of antisemitism after their government calls for a temporary ceasefire

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been slammed by international politicians with allegations of antisemitism after he called for a temporary ceasefire in Gaza in exchange for some hostages.

Israel confirmed they will be going ahead with the ceasefire deals that Hamas proposed, leading to many news organisations cutting ties with the Israeli government accusing them of having a pro-Hamas bias.

“The Israeli government are clearly Hamas sympathisers,” said the editorial team at News Corp, “do they not care about the hostages or lives of Israelis? It’s obvious that their actions must be fuelled by antisemitism. And not the kind of antisemitism that would land you a job at our outlets.”

“Why are they not supporting the never ending bombing of Gaza?” asked CNN, “Better yet, why have they not condemned Hamas in the last five minutes. Who very well could be the ones doing the bombing in Gaza after all? Who is to say?”

Online activist groups have begun work to release all the private information of every Israeli government official in hopes of getting them fired for their anti-Israel bias. Meanwhile the US and Australian governments have both filed motions to condemn Israel for supporting a ceasefire.

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