“Don’t talk about gun control after a mass shooting” says country always in the aftermath of a mass shooting

Gun rights advocates have implored the American public to wait to debate gun control measures until the country is not in the immediate aftermath of a mass shooting, assuming that ever happens.

“We can’t interrupt the mourning process with such things,” said a 2nd amendment rights defender, before being informed that the mourning of the last mass shooting has already been interrupted by another mass shooting.

“Look talking about gun control legislation is very difficult, it’s just so hard to work out whether to be pro or anti-mass shootings,” said a Republican congressman, unfamiliar with the concept of morals or ethics.”

“Personally, I may be open to discussing potential gun control but unfortunately there’s never been a time to do this as we can’t talk about it after a mass shooting. Gosh darn it, such a shame. Oh well.”

The National Rifle Association, a group known for their staunch support of mass shootings, have released a statement saying, “the last thing the victims would have wanted are measures put in place so this doesn’t happen again! But they may have been open to the idea of more guns, so we shouldn’t take that idea off the table.”


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