Boris Johnson announces stricter Covid policies for him to ignore this Christmas

UK Prime minister and families man, Boris Johnson has told reporters he has a ‘plan b’ to introduce much stricter covid restrictions in the UK over the holiday period while facing criticism over Christmas Parties at 10 Downing Street and his apartment last year that broke covid restrictions. “It is crucial that everyone is prepared to play their part,” said Johnson, “we need to protect our families this Christmas. More specifically my families this Christmas, covid is a scary virus and I have a lot of parties to attend to this year.” “We are in this together people and we need to help those who need it most. I already have multiple infections and diseases, the last thing I need is covid.” In response to the announcement, the women of the UK have demanded that the new rules require Boris to stay 1.5 meters away from them, which Johnson agreed to saying “the rules haven’t stopped me before, let’s party ladies.”

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