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Athens “ready to host 2008 Olympics”
We always expected that by May 2004 we'd be in a state of chaos and hopelessly behind, which is exactly where we are
SADDAM CAUGHT: US promises fair show trial
[Edition 79] BAGHDAD, Thursday: US President George W. Bush has assured the world that the newly captured Saddam Hussein will
Disenchanted fan watches ‘Matrix Revolutions’ only twelve times
[Edition 78] SYDNEY, Monday: A self-confessed Matrix geek was so disappointed by the trilogy’s lacklustre conclusion last week that he
Al-Qaeda and El NiƱo to be blamed for everything in future
[Edition 77] REUTERS, Thursday: In an effort to increase accuracy in reporting man-made and natural disasters, news agency Reuters confirmed
Chopper Read launches stage career: breaks a leg before every show
[Edition 71] “There’s a lot of audience participation in our show,” Read said. “We always particularly enjoy the part where
Saddam double fears typecasting
[Edition 70] BAGHDAD, Wednesday: With all the talk of civilian casualties and the possible ecological disaster were Iraq’s oil fields
Colonel Gaddafi promotes himself to General
[Edition 62] TRIPOLI, Thursday: After years of ribbing by his Axis of Evil peers, General Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan, Ayatollah
Harry Potter fans warn against dangerous effects of Bible
[Edition 49] OXFORD, Tuesday: A number of concerned British Harry Potter fans have spoken out against the Bible, claiming that
‘War against terror’ episode of Friends helps New York to finally heal
[Edition 47] NEW YORK, Tuesday: Former Mayor of New York Rudolph Giuliani has thanked the writers and actors of Friends
Woman unsure how to categorise relationship on census
[Edition 44] MELBOURNE, Tuesday: A 31-year-old woman has had difficulty classifying her relationship with her boyfriend on the census form.

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