Under 10’s football team loses star tackler

Tragic news for the Tasmanian Devils Under 10’s football team as their star tackler Scotty ‘The Bulldozer’ Morrison has announced he is leaving the sport behind.

“He was one of our best players,” said 9 year old Timmy Smith, “I mean he wasn’t good at dribbling the ball, or scoring goals, and you definitely couldn’t trust him to step up in a pinch. But his tackles would demolish any player on the other team.”

However some on the team seem to be pretty happy with Scotty leaving with 9 year old Billy Williams saying, “Mum says I’m not meant to call my teammates ‘lazy’, but Scott wouldn’t do anything. You ask him to pass the ball and he would just say ‘that’s not my job’. All he would do was flatten the other team, but I guess it was the only thing he actually knew how to do.”

Scott told local reporters that he plans to focus on his other hobbies now like curry cooking and ukulele playing, much to the terror of his family.

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