Confused conservative outraged after hearing Aus Open fans cheer ‘Sinner’

Local conservatives have expressed outrage after hearing that Australian Open fans cheering out for a ‘Sinner’ during the men’s final.

“These heathens,” said 68 year old Janice Scott, “I can hear them yelling about how happy they are for a sinner, but I don’t understand why anyone would ever cheer on sin. Has the devil taken over?”

“It’s the woke brigade,” said 58 year old James Richman, “they move further and further away from the good traditional values with their rap music and their protests. I will be saying some prayers for them tonight and hope these sin lovers find God.”

In response to the men’s final, responded to social media posts that said the posters would ‘Die for Sinner’ by stating that “there once was actually a guy who died for all sinners…”

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