Finally, justice is served

Remember Australia, exposing war crimes is a crime. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

Hello readers,

This week has been a glorious one for Australia. I want to congratulate the Australian justice system for an amazing outcome. With the imprisonment of David McBride, this country has clearly become much safer taking one less snitch off the streets.

While some wowsers may claim that the jailing of whistle-blowers exposing alleged war crimes is ‘bad’, I want to thank the Albanese government for walking back their election promise to protect these criminal whistle-blowers who serve as a major threat to Australia’s reputation. Specifically, by making what Australia has been doing publicly known.

If there’s one principle that should guide public policy in this country, it’s this: nobody likes a tattle tale.

Some claim that it is good for democracy to let whistle-blowers be the little rats they are. But I ask you this, how much happier are you when you don’t know about how bad the world is?

Years ago, we were all living happy lives watching Channel 7 star and alleged war-hero Ben Roberts-Smith screaming at D-list celebrities while working in management at a news organisation. But no, that had to be ruined by a spoilsport teaming up with a nerd journalist to smear the good name of our heroes, instead of just minding their own damn business.

Journalists are what happens when a kid who was born to gossip had no friends in school. 

Tell me, do you want a democracy where whistle-blowers are teaming up with loser journalists to ‘expose’ critical information, or one where the media is being run by dudes with lots of medals and amazing abs? You can’t have both.

Imagine how much easier it would be to look at the state of the world right now if we didn’t know about the Australian Government’s direct involvement with the IDF as they destroy schools, hospitals and refugee camps.

Just think of how much nicer it would be when Penny Wong makes her fortnightly statement about being ‘concerned’ about the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians, if we didn’t know our nation’s own culpability in the murder of those children.

I know I would be much happier if these no-good ‘truth seekers’ didn’t keep spoiling the fun with all their ‘facts’.

Frankly these ‘whistle-blowers’ are just un-Australian. Mates should support mates, not run to the media every time a mate kills an unarmed farmer or does a leggy with a bloke in a KKK hood.

Maybe next time, people like McBride should learn that the Aussie thing to do would be to just break the Geneva Convention with a smile on your face (while those lips stay shut).

Remember Australia, exposing war crimes is a crime. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.


John Delmenico

Editor of The Chaser

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