Censorship gone mad

This issue of The Chaser Weakly is brought to you by the political courage of Malcolm Turnbull.

Good afternoon, you pack of loathsome ████████. Especially the ethnic-looking ones among you.

Sorry, I wrote this ██████ email with the expectation that 18C would be abolished by now so that I could called Muslims ████████s and Asians ████████.

Unfortunately, because 18C is still there, I’m CENSORED from saying that I’d like to ████████ all South Sudanese people.

Not to mention, calling gays ████████ and women ████████.

And don’t even get me started on black lesbian transgender Muslim Jewish negroes. Wow — have I been hanging out to say that I’d like to ████████ and ████████ and then ████████ and I think everyone else should too.

Of course, I’m not writing any of this because I want to be racist. Far from it. Wanting to call ████████s a bunch of jungle ████████s is just about freedom. Freedom!

Just like what that ████████ Martin Luther King Jnr talked about in that speech he gave before he got shot for being black.

Oh, and also, I wanted to say all this to honour the memory of Bill Leak. That too.

Oh well. Maybe next week? Until then, I hope you enjoy living in such an unfree society where you can’t even call Muslims ████████s.

Charles Firth
Managing Editor

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