Sydneysider relieved to have avoided that unnecessary short lockdown in June

A Sydneysider who has already endured months of lockdown that has no sign of ending has today said he’s relieved to have avoided that unnecessary short lockdown back in June.

“Mission accomplished,” announced the Premier today. “Instead of locking down Sydney for two harsh weeks we’ve now had a much more enjoyable 4-state and one other country mild lockdown instead. Don’t all thank me at once.”

Pete, 29, says looking back at the “glory days” when the Berejiklian Government held off on lockdown is enough to sustain him through the current never-ending lockdown.

“It was all totally worth it,” Pete said, “I count my lucky stars that we didn’t go too early back then and we were able to move around heaps for that week or so!”

“Sure, I pretty much stayed at home that whole time because I was petrified of getting Covid but it was nice to know some people still had the option to throw massive parties.”

However, some relief has been provided to Sydneysiders with the introduction of a curfew providing familiarity to what life was like in Sydney pre-Covid.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has also spoken out to comfort those in Sydney who can’t leave their house for the foreseeable future, telling them that car parks are on the way!


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