PM finished after colleagues publicly say he has their “full confidence”

Prime Minister and dead man walking Scott Morrison is cooked after a number of his colleagues have come out and stated that he has their “full confidence”, in the surest sign yet that they reckon he’s hopeless.

Despite their group chats going off over the weekend, Josh Frydenberg said Morrison has his full confidence while Barnaby Joyce has vehemently disagreed with insulting text messages sent by Barnaby Joyce.

“Full confidence… Jesus, I didn’t know it was that dire,” said one LNP insider.

“I just wish we could all go back to more stable times when we all got along so well like in the Turnbull-Abbott-Turnbull era.”

However, Morrison believes there is still hope he can hold on to his job but is fearing that it is only a matter of time before Peter Dutton puts his arm around him at a press conference and says “this is my leader”, which would officially seal his fate.

When asked whether he wished to comment on the Coalition’s turmoil, Opposition leader Anthony Albanese responded: “Nup, I think I’m good.”

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