Government with extensive history of corruption surprisingly not keen on corruption watchdog

Prime Minister and car park enthusiast Scott Morrison has officially gone back on his government’s pledge to introduce a federal corruption watchdog today, leaving the nation shocked to learn that a government with an extensive history of corruption is for some reason not overly keen on a corruption watchdog.

The government which handed out funding for car parks like they were life-saving vaccines and handed out life-saving vaccines like they were a matter for the states, explained that they simply never could find time to create a new corruption body during their nine years in power, as they were far too busy on other more important projects like sending millions of dollars for non-existent water to a shack on the Cayman Islands owned by a company linked to a sitting government minister.

The public have reacted with immense shock upon hearing that Morrison would backflip on a policy he took to an election, mainly because few believed the Prime Minister once actually had a policy.


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