Trump unleashes scathing ’14 reasons why BuzzFeed sucks’ article

FOLLOWING BuzzFeed’s release of an unverified dossier of claims about President Elect Donald Trump, Mr. Trump and his aides have hit back at the media organisation with the release of their own “savage AF” listcle titled ’14 reasons why BuzzFeed sucks’. True to the style guide, the poorly-formatted list features a bunch of underwhelming one-liners like ‘What even is a BuzzFeed? A bee in your mouth? LAWL’, mixed with hyperlinks and a large number of massive pictures and screengrabs. It has already been liked 150 thousand times on Facebook, despite only being read by 45 people. “I don’t see why Mr Trump is so fired up. He’s been making unverified claims since the primaries. He’s just jealous that we’re winning the hearts, minds and short attention spans of the next generation of people who won’t vote,” said BuzzFeed freelancer Joaquin Foster-O’Donnell-Jones. “On Twitter he was all like ‘What is this, Nazi Germany?’ That’s totally absurd. The gestapo would never have had the technology to make hilarious animal gifs. Hell, they probably didn’t even know that Impact will always be the best font for memes. Grandpas.” Joaquin and his team are already working on their own rebuttals to the Trump piece, with biting criticisms such as “11 wigs we’d rather see Trump wearing”, “19 scenes from rom-coms replaced with Trump and Putin heads” and “Is Donald about to sneeze, laugh or cum? Take our 20-photo quiz.”

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