Ticketmaster hackers revealed to be two mums trying to get P!NK tickets

Two suburban mums have apologised to global price gouging conglomerate Ticketmaster following revelations that they were just trying to get tickets to the next P!NK show.

“My son Riley is quite good with computers and he showed us how to do what was it again darling? A ‘Dee Doss’ I think it’s called where we send a lot of messages so they just let us through the waiting room.”

“We knew it was a bit naughty but we really wanted to get tickets and we’d tried so many times! We just really love P!NK, did you know she doesn’t lip sync even when she’s flying around? God I’d love to be that fit and talented!”

Ticketmaster has responded, stating they’re willing to refund the newly created ‘hackers fee’ of $250,000 as a gesture of goodwill, provided the 500 million stolen customer records are deleted.

“I’ll ask Riley to do that when he gets home from work, I think they’re on my IPAD not my computer”

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