“There is no way next year could be worse than this year,” says guy for fifth year in a row

As 2022 comes to an end, a local man has today expressed relief that next year will definitely ‘have to be better’ despite the fact that this is the seventh year in a row that he has expressed that sentiment.

What started as a whimsical thought after the dog’s breakfast that was 2016, has now become a yearly tradition for Ashwin Patel of Burwood.

“This has to have been the worst year I can remember, I mean this is so crazy. There is absolutely no way it could get any worse,” Mr Patel said back in 2016, and ever year subsequently.

“I can’t think of a year that has that has felt so hopeless. Between all the natural disasters, the far-right white supremacist terror, the mass shootings, conspiracy theories, Brexit’s slow fallout, the increasing wealth gap, that mess at the Oscars, and all those famous people dying, this year has been a real mess” said Mr Patel back in 2016, and every year since. “I swear it can’t get any worse than 2016/2017/2018/2019/2020/2021/2022.”

In response to the calls by humanity for a better new year, The Universe was unavailable for comment, as it is a vast uncaring expanse without thoughts, the ability to plan, or any concept of what a year even is. It did however say it was sad to see the Queen go, as it doesn’t really like Prince Charles.

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