“The real cause of antisemitism is Jewish people” claims Musk

X CEO and X-communicated father Elon Musk has slammed prominent Jewish groups, claiming they are to blame for all the antisemitism in the world.

This comes after Elon Musk claimed that half of the value he brought Twitter for has been lost due to powerful Jewish people working behind the scenes to ‘trick’ advertisers into thinking that the platform which now pays and promotes previously banned posters with extensive histories of racism and antisemitism, is now ok with bigotry.

“People claiming that my platform has an antisemitism problem are wrong,” he posted, “the real core of the problem, like all problems, are Jewish people. If it wasn’t for them, antisemitism wouldn’t exist.”

“That’s why we need fight and punish these Jewish groups as revenge for damaging the brand I worked so hard to maintain by firing the content moderation teams, destroying the branding and personally unbanning accounts from prominent people in neo-nazi spaces, even if they have posted child sexual abuse images. Now I hope that these silly advertisers come to their senses and side with me over the Jewish people who are the real problems here.”

Musk also announced that alongside his plan to sue prominent Jewish groups, he also plans to stamp out antisemitic abuse on the platform by banning all Jewish people from using it, “this way there won’t be any around to cause of my followers to want to send them hateful messages in the first place.”

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